Jupiter Dive Guide

Jupiter Scuba Diving - Kyalami Charters

I’d been diving for quite a while before I landed as a Jupiter Dive Guide aboard Kyalami.  It all started about 19 years ago.  In that moment I would’ve never imagined that 19 years from then I would be working in the dive industry and have a job in the water preferably every day. I’m a girl that’s not a big fan of the cold. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the snow on a nice sunny day but in general, my body likes warm weather and warm water. So when living in the Netherlands I would only get to dive when I traveled. There’s tons of water to dive in the Netherlands, but it’s just not for me. Too cold.

I was certified during a vacation in Curacao and I was spoiled instantly with beautiful clear blue and warm water. Heck, I even got to swim with a beautiful pod of bottlenose dolphins on my last checkout dive, how lucky was I! It was there that I got the ‘dive bug’. I was instantly addicted to the underwater world and everything in it and couldn’t wait for my next trip. After a few years of dive vacations in various places in Europe and Egypt, I ended up in the Caribbean where my diving career started. What was supposed to be a three-month experience turned into 12 years on an island working as a divemaster, captain, and instructor for my own shop. What a journey. After thousands of dives and selling the shop we landed in South Florida ready to start a new chapter in our lives, now about 3,5 years ago.

After settling down here in the West Palm Beach area I was lucky enough to step aboard the Kyalami out of Jupiter in April 2014. I never left! I absolutely love the water and with such amazing diving in our backyard here I’m grateful that I’m able to share my love for the ocean and everything in it with everyone else that steps aboard the Kyalami!



Anne Bunjes