Turtle Time

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Every day we’re seeing more and more Loggerheads showing up around our beautiful Jupiter Ledges. Mainly males right now, but soon to be followed by the females that are also getting ready for mating season.

Every year this time Loggerhead turtles start showing up from all kinds of different places ready for mating season. It’s interesting, we’ll see a ton of males first while diving, then when the females start to show up we won’t see many at all along the ledge but we will see them together on the surface and then after the mating is done, we’ll see the females literally everywhere at several of our dive sites along the Jupiter ledge.  

At this time, what will be later in the spring, the females will be resting underneath overhangs along the ledge or on top of the ledge for most of the day and will make their way to the shore where they will lay their eggs on the beach and then return to the water.

I can’t wait for turtle season to really start, it’s probably my favorite season underwater. I just love turtles and seeing that many day after day simply makes me happy. Life is good!

- Anne

Anne Bunjes