You never know..

Not two days are exactly the same. And the same is true for the time that we spend underwater. Every dive is different. Maybe not so different when diving in a pool, but when you dive along the beautiful ledges here in Jupiter, every single dive is different and unique. You just never know what you're gonna run into on that specific dive... 

I've seen some pretty neat and sometimes pretty rare things while diving over here the last 4 years. After leaving the turquoise blue and clear water in the Caribbean and moving to Florida after so many years, I had to make sure that I would stay in the water. Couldn't have my gills dry out. I started diving out of Jupiter and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the underwater world over here. It was so different, a little colder but never too cold, and it can be rough on some days, but what you get to see underwater makes it all worth it. We're so close to the Gulf Stream over here what brings us a lot more 'bigger' stuff, but when you look closely, you can also find all kinds of beautiful macro marine life along the ledges here.

When diving out of Jupiter you're almost guaranteed to see at least one or two sharks, some eels, a turtle or two, goliath groupers and of course a lot of our pretty tropicals, Most dives you'll see multiple of everything but every once in a while you'll get lucky and will see something that's not so common, Over the years diving Jupiter I've seen too many sharks and turtles to count, but only once have I seen a reefshark that wedged itself in between the ledge to 'take a nap', it was the weirdest thing ever. Of course, I've seen nurse sharks and lemon sharks lay still on the bottom before and have I heard of certain shark species that rest like that in other parts of the world, but I'd never seen anything like it over here. It circled around the ledge for a bit before it stopped and just laid down. I followed it to see what was going on and the shark could care less about me cheking it out up close and personal.  

Some other things I've seen here that you don't necessarily see every day are a Goliath that had just swallowed a small shark, hiding under the ledge with the tail of the shark still sticking out of its mouth. Or when I ran into a sawfish, so unexpected and super cool. Had to look twice before I realized what was swimming towards me. Such an awesome sighting. And then a sad one, the time that I witnessed a big goliath grouper chase a small green turtle all the way to the surface where he eventually grabbed the turtle and swam back down where he then swallowed the turtle right in front of me! I was shocked! and so mad, not a turtle!  And then there was the Great White. A swim by that only lasted a few seconds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed with another encounter with a shark like this to be able to get a better look. They're something else! 

More marine life that's not too common to see here that I've got to enjoy while diving Jupiter includes a couple of beautiful Manta and Devil Rays, and quite a few great Hammerhead and Tiger shark encounters. The underwater world here is truly amazing!  

From more uncommon fish like batfish and frogfish and tiny nudibranchs to BIG animals like Leatherback turtles and Great white sharks, when diving here in Jupiter you'll never know what you're gonna run into...

happy diving!


Anne Bunjes