Meet the Crew: Janine Ferguson Chouiniere



As a West Palm Beach native, Janine began enjoying the beauty and thrill of the local waterways at a young age. She now works on the Kyalami as a dive guide and deck hand, and also has her captain's license. With her “native” knowledge of this area, she is a perfect fit as tour guide for Jupiter Water Tours.  If not at work on the Sexy Red Boat, she will often get her water fix by kayak. She is especially fond of manatee sightings, gators, and river otters, and still gets excited by the magical view of the Jupiter Lighthouse.


Q&A with Janine:

What is your favorite thing about diving in jupiter?

I love the impressive abundance and variety of marine life, and that every dive unfolds in different, visual delight. It's never the same twice.


how would you Describe your perfect day out on the water?

Perfect day: 95 air temp, 87 water temp, 100 ft viz, flat calm, happy people.


Who inspires you? who do you aspire to be like?

Lots of people! I wish to be more like those who interact effortlessly with others, who put others at ease, inspire trust and bring a smile to their faces.


Where is your favorite place in the world?

At home when I have all of my children, husband and mom together at the same time! Otherwise, any Florida Natural area deep in the woods or swamp. Especially the Loxahatchee River.


What is the best concert you ever attended?

The Rush concert when my husband first said he loved me.


Come dive with Janine and all other members of the kyalami crew today!

Anne Bunjes