Our underwater world

Today we celebrate Earth Day and I was hoping to be underwater so our divers and myself could enjoy some of our beautiful marine life together. But unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate very well and we had to keep Kyalami dockside. Taking the boat out diving didn't seem like a good idea with the high winds and very choppy seas in combination with a line of thunderstorms coming through the area. Something about keeping our divers, the crew and the boat safe. Kinda important. Luckily the weather forecast is looking much better for tomorrow and the coming week so at least I know that I'll be underwater again soon! 

I love taking pictures and video's while diving and since I can't really bring my camera with me while I'm carrying the dive flag, I had to compromise and strapped a GoPro to my hand instead. This way I'm able to still have my hands free when needed, but at the same time, I'm also able to shoot video when we see something cool during our dive. And with all the underwater activity along the Jupiter Ledges right now, my camera is recording most of the time and I end up with quite a bit of material. I always enjoy downloading everything onto the computer and checking what I was able to capture. It's like doing the dives all over again, Sometimes I'll even see marine life pop up that I never realized was there when I was recording. Always makes me laugh when that happens. 

After I'm done editing the clips into a short video I get to share it with other divers and non-divers and I always hope that they'll enjoy it as much as I do. And that it makes them realize how pretty and amazing our underwater world really is and that it's important that we take care of it. Not just today on Earth day, but every single day throughout the year.

Happy Diving!

- Anne

Anne Bunjes