Green Moray Eels in Jupiter, FL

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The Green Moray is a type of fish with a thick, snake-like body. Their actual color is more of a dark brown/blue, but since they’re covered in a slimy protective yellow coating that makes them appear more like a vibrant green. Green morays average 6ft in length and about 30 pounds, but there have been individuals as large as 8ft and 65 pound. They are found in a variety of different habitats, but typically on coral reefs, rocky shorelines, and in water less than 100ft deep like we see along Jupiter’s Main Ledge. The green moray is a nocturnal hunter with very poor eye sight and hunts primarily by smell on fish, squid, crabs, shrimp, and occasional other eels. During the day, they normally hide in crevices along the ledge, with only their head sticking out. Whether or not the eel is feeding, it’s mouth it’s constantly opening and closing, what make some divers feel threatened by them. However, this isn’t a threat at all, it’s simply how they breathe. By opening and closing their mouth, water is forced through the gills for oxygen. Occasionally, we get lucky and see a green moray on the move during the day. They’re pretty fast and move graciously through the water.


- Anne

Anne Bunjes