Jupiter Dive Sites: Area 51


To those that frequent scuba forums and track the buzz of Jupiter Scuba Diving, then you will be familiar with the name Area 51. There are many myths on how it got it’s name and every skipper will give you their take, for Jupiter Scuba Diving, let’s just say it’s better than Baskin Robbins 31 flavors of ice-cream because here you can sample 51. You want to see it underwater, it’s most likely here. Sharks, Eels, Turtles, Tropics, Sting Rays and even the occasional Mermaid, they are all here. So many crevices for exploration and so much variety. If you must choose between all of the incredible diving in Jupiter due to time restraints, ask for Area 51 and go sample the Baskin Robbins of the Sea. 

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Anne Bunjes