Jupiter Dive Sites: Tunnels


Tunnels is the mecca of Jupiter Scuba Diving. The dive site that has been labeled “Tunnels” sums up World Class Diving at it’s best. Jupiter Scuba Diving has become known for it’s large aquatic life encounters and this diving great explains why. From your initial entry to the opening swim through (hence Tunnels) you will be greeted by multiple Reef Sharks, Goliath Grouper and the traditional Southern Stingray. Patience is indeed the key to diving this ledge correctly. Most divers kick North up the reef and by pass all the action that tends to congregate at the beginning of this dive. For the diver that understands slow and steady wins the race and has the awareness to not just get fixated on the ledge itself but scan to the east and to the west, they will be rewarded with some of those most amazing up close large aquatic life encounters than anywhere else in the world. You may also hear many locals talk about “the Donut”, which is a section near the end of this reef that the Caribbean Reef Sharks have made claim. Though seeing these magnificent creatures parade in and out of the “Donut” hole like a clown car is an amazing thing to witness, don’t get baited into going for broke and bypassing all the goodies between the opening Tunnel and the “Donut” itself. Again the patient diver is rewarded with a World Class dive that can only happen in Jupiter, FL. Request the Tunnels on your next visit to Kyalami Charters, you may indeed just witness some World Class Diving.


Anne Bunjes