May 18th, 2018


Our Jupiter Dive Report Breakout:

Seas – 0-2ft

Visibility – 50ft 

Temperature – 76 degrees

Current – moderate to strong north

Dive #1 – Scarface

Dive #2 – Finz Den

What a great day out on the water today. Early showers didn't stop us from going and it ended up being a beautiful day with sunshine and another hawksbill turtle aboard Kyalami! Dr. Larry Wood with the Florida Hawksbill Turtle Project was aboard again today to catch hawksbills and bring the, aboard for research. It's against the law to touch and harass sea turtles, but he has special permits to handle the turtles for research. So on top of seeing so much great marine life while diving, we also got to hang out with and learn more about the hawksbill turtle that Larry brought aboard. Happy Friday!  

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Anne Bunjes