July 9th, 2018


Our Jupiter Dive Report Breakout:

Seas – 0-1ft

Visibility – 60ft 

Temperature – 82 degrees

Current – mild north

Dive #1 – Lighthouse

Dive #2 - Loggerhead

We had Dr. Larry Wood aboard with the Florida Hawksbill project and he has special permits to handle sea turtles for research. He brought two beautiful female Hawksbills aboard today. It's incredible to see these turtles up close and personal like that while being able to ask Dr. Wood any questions you may have about the turtle. We got to see a lot more than just turtles. We also saw reef, nurse, lemon and even a Hammerhead shark, eels, goliaths, lots of lobsters, and tons of tropicals. What a great Monday! 

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Anne Bunjes