August 29th, 2018


Our Jupiter Dive Report Breakout:

Seas – 2ft

Visibility – 60ft 

Current – moderate to strong north

Temp - 83 degrees

Dive #1 – Jupiter Wreck Trek

Dive #2 - Capt. Kurls

The warm blue water is back! Strong current at the Jupiter Wreck Trek, but so much fun. Lots of Goliaths hanging out around the different wrecks, and we also got to see a beautiful Hawksbill turtle and a bunch of Lemon sharks. The second dive was a little more relaxing with less current and tons to look at. Reef, nurse and lemon sharks, hawksbill and green turtles, eels, more goliath groupers, lobsters, and a crazy amount of tropical reef fish. Happy Wednesday!  

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Anne Bunjes