August 9th, 2019


Our Jupiter Dive Report Breakout:

Seas – 0-1ft

Visibility – 50ft

Current – moderate and mild north

Temp - 82 degrees

Dive #1 – Lobster “8A”

Dive #2 - “Bob”

Great last day of lobster hunting for the Sass group. Wit was such a pleasure having this group aboard all week and we’re looking forward to seeing them again next year. More lobsters were taken home today and we got to enjoy all kinds of other marine life as well. Lemon, Nurse and Reef sharks, a beautiful Hawksbill turtle, Green, Sharptail, Spotted, Goldentail, and Purplemouth eels, barracudas, a big Goliath grouper and all other kinds of fish and critters. Happy Friday!

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Anne Bunjes