September 11th, 2019


Our Jupiter Dive Report Breakout:

Seas – 3-5ft

Visibility –20-40ft when we stayed above 65ft. 0-5ft below 70ft

Current – light north

Temp - 81 degrees

Dive #1 – Loggerhead

Dive #2 - Julie’s

We jumped in at Scarface fist but had no visibility there so we decided to try again a little shallower and with great results. The viz dropped to almost nothing below 65ft, but we stayed on top of the ledge on both dives where we had 2 really nice dives. The top layer of the water was nice and blue so it was really neat to see all the schools of fish swim around in the blue water. We also got to see a lot of eels, some goliath groupers, crabs, lobsters and all kinds of other critters. Nice to be able to enjoy Jupiter’s beautiful underwater world again.

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Anne Bunjes