My Favorite


I love sharks. Sharks have something magical about them what makes it so much fun to be in the water with them and to observe them while diving. Right now, we’re towards the end of Lemon shark season and we’ve been seeing lemon sharks on right about every dive. They are so cool, they come right up to you to check you out like puppy dogs, and when looking at them it looks like they’re smiling. Beautiful sharks!

But we don’t just see Lemon sharks here along the Jupiter Ledge. In the last 4 years of diving over here I’ve seen reef, nurse, lemon, dusky, silky, sandbar, tiger, hammerhead, and even a great white shark! The great white was such a fast swim by that I hope that I’ll get lucky enough to see another one sometime and this time maybe a little longer than 5 seconds.

My favorite shark is the Great Hammerhead shark though, they’re just too crazy looking and therefore too cool. Love the ridiculous big dorsal fin and of course the hammer shaped face. I’ll never forget the first time I got to see one and have been lucky enough to have had quite a few more underwater encounters with these amazing sharks since then. Hammerheads rock!  

- Anne

Anne Bunjes