Spring time!


The spring has officially started and the weather's been much warmer again so I'm happy. Love this time of year. A lot of sunshine and air temps in the mid to high 70's make for some really beautiful days.

For diving, the start of spring means the water getting warmer and the flat summer seas are right around the corner as well. In the next couple of months we'll have some cold fronts that will come down from the north mess up the water some, but not nearly as much as what we see during the winter.  Am so ready for all this. This winter brought a lot of challenging diving conditions and I for one, am really excited that it's over.

Turtle season has officially started as well so we've been seeing quite a few Loggerheads while diving. Someone told me the other day that there were multiple leatherback turtle nests on the beach already as well so that's awesomel Leatherback turtles are so different that the other turtles we see and are rarely seen while diving along the Jupiter Ledges. They're deepwater turtles so have no business over there. I've seen quite a few on the surface while living in the Caribbean, but in all my dives I've done, I've only once been lucky enough to see one underwater. I did have a chance before to see female leatherback turtles lay eggs on the beach what was amazing. To see a turtle that big crawl upon the beach and see her do her thing. Too cool. 

I'm looking forward to seeing large numbers of Loggerhead turtles while diving in the next few months, I'm a little bit of a turtle freak so can't wait to hang out with them again during my dives along our beautiful ledges over here. 

- Anne





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