Tunnels is a dive site that it very close to the Jupiter Inlet what makes it sometimes challenging to dive. The tide and wind & wave direction can affect the visibility and since it's not a continues ledge, the dive might be over early when the current is strong. All you need to do is time it right and you'll be in for a true treat. 

Tunnels is one of my favorite sites. I've been lucky enough to dive it when conditions were absolutely perfect and have seen some rare and amazing marine life there. At Tunnels I've seen a sawfish (yes, you're reading that right, a sawfish!), several tiger sharks, a hammerhead shark, eagle rays, and several octopi, next to all of our usual suspects like reef sharks, goliath groupers and eels, that we see on right about every dive there.

 When the captain calls "dive dive dive", it's important to get in the water fast and descent as quick (and safely) as possible. It's a so-called 'hot drop', where we target a specific area to start our dive. When dropping down, the goal is to start our dive just south of where the ledge starts. The beginning of the site is absolutely amazing. There's a tunnel that is a very nice swim-through (hence the site name Tunnels, ha!) and while swimming through this tunnel you'll likely be greeted by a goliath grouper, a school of fish, a turtle and a reef shark. Right behind the tunnel is a cove are where a goliath grouper family lives and you might also find a big green moray and other fish & critters.  The reef sharks that like to circle this area might disappear for a minute when all the divers come in because of all the bubbles, but when you're patient and hang out there for a while, you'll see the sharks come back and start circling again. I love this spot, could easily do my whole dive there. 

There's quite a bit to look at when continuing along the ledge though, the ledge itself isn't as pretty as at some of the other sites because there's not very much relief, but the life around it is normally pretty rewarding. There's some REALLY BIG stingray's that like to lay in the sand next to the ledge and for some reason, batfish seem to like this area as well. Love running into them as they are just so odd and therefore cool looking. At the end of the dive, the ledge gets a little prettier and more sharks will show up again. It's really neat, can't wait to get back there. 

- Anne

Anne Bunjes