During March there's always several days that the weather gets too challenging for us to take people diving. The wind gets too strong and the waves get too big to safely drop divers in the water and pick them back up. This week is like that. It was gorgeous up to this Monday afternoon and by the evening the wind was blowing hard and the ocean got really rough. We already noticed it during our trip that Monday, when we left the Jupiter inlet the seas were maybe 1 to 2 feet, still very comfortable, but throughout the days we could feel the wind pick up and the waves grow bigger. By the time we went back in it was every bit of 3 to 4 feet. Luckily the diving that day was phenomenal and everyone was feeling fine on the way in. Tuesday, today and what looks like tomorrow and maybe even Friday the ocean will be too rough to safely dive in. Boo! 

I have to say though, that most of the days that we did get to go diving this month have been very very nice! We've been able to enjoy the end of the Lemon Shark season and the beginning of Turtle nesting season. There's been so much to look at, amazing! 

This last weekend we had a great group on the boat from the west coast. They all got treated with nice blue and clear water, little different than what they're used to on the other side, and had an extra special treat on the second dive we did that day. Right at the beginning of the dive, a beautiful juvenile Tiger shark swam by and with the water being so clear, you were able to see its stripes very well. The young tigers are so pretty, I love seeing them. It'd been a little while since I saw a tiger shark so I found myself doing a little happy dance after the 8' shark swam by. Too cool.

The turtle encounters that we've been having this month have been truly amazing as well. The number of smaller hawksbill and green turtles seems to increase this time of year and they have been so much fun. They come check you out and as long as you're not making any crazy movements around them, they'll say around for a while and continue eating or whatever else they're doing. What a treat! Can't wait to see what Aril is gonna have in store for us!

Happy diving!  - Anne   

Anne Bunjes