We haven’t been to the dive site Loggerhead in quite a while. We tend to dive there a lot during Loggerhead nesting season, but after all the turtles leave and throughout the winter we kinda stay away from it. The site is less active during those month and the visibility seems to be a little better at our more southern sites. Since turtle nesting season has started and the Loggerhead Turtles will start their nesting season in just a few days from now, we’ll be heading in that direction soon and a lot to check them out. 

I like this area. It’s not like the rest of the main ledge, over here it’s more patchy and the relief of the ledge is less than in most of our other sites. It’s a relatively shallow site compared to most others with topside depths ranging in the low 60’s and with a maximum depth around 75ft in the sand.  

During nesting season the Loggerheads like to rest on top of the ledge or they’ll find a cozy spot underneath the ledge what normally results in seeing a lot of turtle butts during our dives here.

 I’ve seen some really neat things at this site. Next to a ridiculous number of turtles and our ‘normal’ residents like reefsharks, moray eels, goliaths, lobsters, crabs, and tropicals, I’ve seen lemon, hammerhead and tiger sharks over here, schools of juvenile African Pompanos and some random snook.  Even got to see a reefshark that was napping and a humongous goliath grouper that had just swallowed a small shark. The tail was still hanging out of its mouth, unreal! 

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to be diving this site more frequently again. Very interested to see what all I’ll run into this season! 


Anne Bunjes