Jupiter Dive Sites: Monkey's Ledge


Every skipper has a favorite, and this by far our favorite happy place. Some know this as Juno Ledge, we call it Monkey’s Ledge. Spotted Eagle Rays, Hammerheads, Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Reef Sharks, Goliaths, VERY LARGE Goliaths, Nurse Sharks, Turtles, Leather backs…yep this place has got em. My advice…..GO SLOW. Drift diving tend to put divers into a state of hurry, but to get the most out of this World Class dive, the slower the better. Your dive begins at what we call the “horseshoe”. Think of it is the Greek Coliseum. Here is where most of your dive should take place if you dive this site correctly. The “horseshoe is home to most of all the encounters mentioned above and for those that are truly patient, everything you saw once will eventually circle it’s way back around and give you another pass. Once you leave the “horseshoe” the ledge continues to your East. Again take your time to enjoy all the large structure, and overhangs just filled with large encounters. If you are pace then approximately 25 min into your drift you will see a couple of very large Goliath Grouper. All residents of this ledge and some of the biggest you will find in the Florida waters. A dive site that never disappoints, never gets old and is #1 on the Kyalami's list of Awesome.


Anne Bunjes