Jupiter Dive Sites: MG-111


The MG-111 is an old Mississippi River barge that sits in about 65 feet of water. There’s not much left of the barge other than a big rectangle area filled with steel beams and rubble. The barge itself attracts a wide variety of marine life ranging from the smallest shrimps and nudibranchs, to big goliath groupers. Just north of the barge you’ll find a bunch of columns, these were originally from the old Jupiter High school and dumped here in the ocean as an artificial reef. And that it is, there are lots of fish and critters to be found around the pillars and the sandy bottom is perfect for big stingrays. From the end of August through a part of October the Goliath Groupers like to come together over here for the grouper aggregation. We’ve seen up to 200 at a time at this site, an amazing sight! 

Anne Bunjes