Jupiter Scuba Diving: May Recap


Update from the crew

The month of May has given us some very good diving. We’ve been lucky and had some
amazing encounters underwater. The reefs have been extremely active and there’s been much to look at underwater. The sharks have been coming over to check us out on every dive, and so have the barracuda’s. There’s definitely been an increase in the number of barracuda’s that we’re seeing along the Jupiter Ledges, what is great. The green morays have been out in large numbers as well and we’re still seeing more and more turtles every day. The Loggerheads have been busy laying eggs along the Jupiter beaches, and the nest count is already over 1660, with hopefully many more to follow over the next few months!

We’ve also had the pleasure to have a special guest aboard Kyalami on multiple occasions this last month. Dr. Larry Wood with the Florida Hawksbill Project was on and has special permits to handle turtles for research. He brought up several beautiful Hawksbill turtles so we all got to enjoy seeing a hawksbill turtle up close and personal and learn all about it. A very neat experience.

looking forward

We’re looking forward to better weather conditions and more turtles! It was unfortunate that a tropical storm in the Gulf messed up our Memorial Day weekend dives this year. Hurricane season isn’t until June 1 st , but started early this year. Strong winds, thunderstorms and high waves kept us from going diving. We’re waiting for this system to pass so we can get back in the water and enjoy our beautiful underwater world. It is the time for flat calm seas and warm water so we’re looking forward to some amazing June and July diving.


- Anne

Anne Bunjes