Jupiter Dive Sites: Spadefish Point


Let me guess, by hearing the name Spadefish point one would assume this dive site is for the macro enthusiast or the pure tropical fish explorer? Well my friends, let me introduce you to a ledge loaded with activity and buzzing with excitement around every corner. The name Spadefish Point is merely a reference in the section of reef that bends to the west. This section of the reef is loaded with Spadefish as they serve as a reminder that you are nearing this mecca of diving awesome! Once you arrive at the “Point” keep a close look out to the East where you are almost guaranteed to be joined by cruising Black Tip and Caribbean Reef Sharks. This is also the same location that a patrolling Hammerhead has been scene over the years. The ledge (a continuation of Area 51) has some incredible topography and chic, sharp lines. It’s profile of nearly 20ft offers some great overhangs, and home for Goliath Grouper, Nurse Sharks, Eels and even your shoot-a-bles (Snapper, Gag Grouper and occasional Hog-Fish). Jupiter Scuba Diving is and exudes everything this dive site is about. This site is also located further south along the ledge, and is known for consistent high percentages of visibility giving it another reason to add to your request list. 


Anne Bunjes